"A rapid, effective, competitive and creative solution for you. "
- HL New


WHO are we?

HL New is a company that located at Mount Austin Industrial Park, Johor, Malaysia. Our objective is to provide rapid, effective and competitive solutions of sheet metal fabrication to our customer in various industries. Our business strategy is to deliver high quality sheet metal parts and assembly services within the shortest turnaround time.

We do provide a one-stop solution on metal fabrication and are specialize in precision laser cutting , NC bending, MIG/TIG welding, spot welding , powder coating, laser marking, silk screening and mechanical assembly process to meet our customers research and development prototyping needs as well as either low volume high mix and high volume low mix for a quick turnaround mass production requirements.

Popular Products

WHY are we different?

Local Brand

A locally established company that will provide short turnover time.


We do manufacturing as well as assembling your products.

Vast Product Range

We have huge variety of production product options for you along with collaboration custom-made product.

Technical Expertise

We are knowledgeable to know how to produce a quality product within given time.

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